4motiv and fourimpact receive ‘Better Together, Global People, Supplier Award’ at McDonald’s Worldwide Convention 2018

4motiv receives 'Better Together, Global People, Supplier Award' at McDonald's Worldwide Convention 2018

4motiv – with fourimpact – has been a trusted supplier to the business over many years and, no matter how big or small, they treat every project we partner on as if it is their most important.

Even under tremendous ambiguity or challenge they remain positive and determined to help us accomplish our goals, no matter how far they have to stretch themselves in the process. Better still, the product they deliver does not suffer… they deliver an outstanding, exceptional product every time.

From major awards … to smaller gatherings, they always set out to understand how a particular video will support our goals, always offering suggestions on how we might take it to the next level.

They are comfortable working with our executives and crew alike and always put the subject of the video at ease which means they capture the true essence of our company.

Always a pleasure to work with, they are a true definition of a strong supplier partner.

Dave Carroll, Corporate Vice President, Global Rewards, McDonald’s