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Tobacco and E-Cigarette Smoking in Europe

4motiv was commissioned to produce this animation about tobacco and e-cigarette smoking in Europe, for visitors to the Eurest-plus website to learn more about the Eurest-plus project.

Eurest-plus is a new research project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. The main objective of Eurest-plus is to monitor and evaluate the impact of the Tobacco Products Directives (TPD).

Europe has the highest prevalence of tobacco smoking in the world. The costs to Europe include 16% of deaths, 544 billion Euros to the health burden (2009) and 4.6% of EU GDP. Young people are drawn into a life of addiction by: the tobacco industry, illicit trade and lack of regulations. The Tobacco Products Directive requires member states to: increase pack warning labels, restrict certain additives and flavours, increase information to the public, regulate e-cigarettes and novel tobacco products and combat illicit trade. Effective monitoring and evaluation is needed to identify the impact of these policies, especially among young people. Eurest-plus sets out to achieve this involving researchers from 11 countries. Analysing policy implementation, plain packaging, warning labels, smoke free environments and e-cigarette use across 28 EU member states and 500 million people. Documenting changes in e-cigarettes packaging, warning labels, ingredients and safety features. Distributing findings to policy makers and the general public in Europe and around the world.