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Sleep & Breathing Conference 2017

The Sleep & Breathing Conference 2017 is the fourth international conference organised by the European Respiratory Society and the European Sleep Research Society.  It will be held in Marseilles in April this year. 4motiv produced an 80” animation for the conference website to attract delegates to register for the event.  The animation has had approximately 1,000 views to date.  The animation is a simple and effective mix of black and white graphics, driven by a music track, with key messages delivered as animated captions.

4motiv 2016 Review ‘The story of this year’

4motiv 2016 review includes:

Improving customer experience training with a series of ‘Ready to Trade’ videos for John Lewis filmed on the shop floor.  Improving health awareness with a continued series of documentaries for the European Respiratory Society, and conference videos for their annual congress.  Improving safety awareness with a series of programmes for John Lewis Partners regarding child car seat safety, and promoting a staff safety system for Positive Response.  Changing culture with a whiteboard animation for Mcdonald’s, conference videos for Argos and induction video updates for Swansway Garages.  Creating impact for McDonald’s with an awards video featuring over 300 user generated entries from around the world, for wide screen projection at a special ceremony in Orlando.  We involved experts, patients and a whole variety of people from around the world – including Antonio Banderas!

Have a look at the video below…