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Rainer’s Story

Heidi Capozzi, EVP and Global Chief People Officer at McDonald’s, posted the following article on LinkedIn celebrating McDonald’s PRIDE Employee Business Network virtual summer event. Heidi shared a story of their commitment to inclusion, featuring one of a series of global videos we produced with fourimpact earlier this year – Rainer’s story.

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4motiv produces latest ERS Vision documentary

4motiv produces latest short film for ERS Vision on the subject of Ageing and Respiratory Medicine. ERS Vision is ERS’s open access video documentary series which tackles the key topics in respiratory health with discussion from leaders in the field of respiratory medicine and healthcare.


4motiv proud to be part of International Women’s Day

This year we were proud to be part of International Women’s Day on March 8th, producing short films for McDonald’s Better Together: Gender Balance and Diversity strategy launch. McDonald’s launched the main video on LinkedIn (over 695,000 views), with more in depth stories featuring women from throughout the business as separate videos online.

4motiv and fourimpact receive ‘Better Together, Global People, Supplier Award’ at McDonald’s Worldwide Convention 2018

4motiv receives 'Better Together, Global People, Supplier Award' at McDonald's Worldwide Convention 2018

4motiv – with fourimpact – has been a trusted supplier to the business over many years and, no matter how big or small, they treat every project we partner on as if it is their most important.

Even under tremendous ambiguity or challenge they remain positive and determined to help us accomplish our goals, no matter how far they have to stretch themselves in the process. Better still, the product they deliver does not suffer… they deliver an outstanding, exceptional product every time.

From major awards … to smaller gatherings, they always set out to understand how a particular video will support our goals, always offering suggestions on how we might take it to the next level.

They are comfortable working with our executives and crew alike and always put the subject of the video at ease which means they capture the true essence of our company.

Always a pleasure to work with, they are a true definition of a strong supplier partner.

Dave Carroll, Corporate Vice President, Global Rewards, McDonald’s

Tobacco and E-Cigarette Smoking in Europe

4motiv was commissioned to produce this animation about tobacco and e-cigarette smoking in Europe, for visitors to the Eurest-plus website to learn more about the Eurest-plus project.

Eurest-plus is a new research project funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme. The main objective of Eurest-plus is to monitor and evaluate the impact of the Tobacco Products Directives (TPD).

Europe has the highest prevalence of tobacco smoking in the world. The costs to Europe include 16% of deaths, 544 billion Euros to the health burden (2009) and 4.6% of EU GDP. Young people are drawn into a life of addiction by: the tobacco industry, illicit trade and lack of regulations. The Tobacco Products Directive requires member states to: increase pack warning labels, restrict certain additives and flavours, increase information to the public, regulate e-cigarettes and novel tobacco products and combat illicit trade. Effective monitoring and evaluation is needed to identify the impact of these policies, especially among young people. Eurest-plus sets out to achieve this involving researchers from 11 countries. Analysing policy implementation, plain packaging, warning labels, smoke free environments and e-cigarette use across 28 EU member states and 500 million people. Documenting changes in e-cigarettes packaging, warning labels, ingredients and safety features. Distributing findings to policy makers and the general public in Europe and around the world.



Sleep & Breathing Conference 2017

The Sleep & Breathing Conference 2017 is the fourth international conference organised by the European Respiratory Society and the European Sleep Research Society.  It will be held in Marseilles in April this year. 4motiv produced an 80” animation for the conference website to attract delegates to register for the event.  The animation has had approximately 1,000 views to date.  The animation is a simple and effective mix of black and white graphics, driven by a music track, with key messages delivered as animated captions.

4motiv 2016 Review ‘The story of this year’

4motiv 2016 review includes:

Improving customer experience training with a series of ‘Ready to Trade’ videos for John Lewis filmed on the shop floor.  Improving health awareness with a continued series of documentaries for the European Respiratory Society, and conference videos for their annual congress.  Improving safety awareness with a series of programmes for John Lewis Partners regarding child car seat safety, and promoting a staff safety system for Positive Response.  Changing culture with a whiteboard animation for Mcdonald’s, conference videos for Argos and induction video updates for Swansway Garages.  Creating impact for McDonald’s with an awards video featuring over 300 user generated entries from around the world, for wide screen projection at a special ceremony in Orlando.  We involved experts, patients and a whole variety of people from around the world – including Antonio Banderas!

Have a look at the video below…

Filming on a smartphone

Now that we’re increasingly working with self generated content from our clients we would like to share some tips on filming on a smartphone. If you’re interested, have a look at this video. A lot of people have suggested we may be shooting ourselves in the foot by appearing to encourage more clients to film their own material. We actually think it can be a good thing and not just from a cost perspective. It’s a great way to involve people in the organisation particularly where the ‘voice’ of the employees is a critical aspect of the communications. That said there’s a fine line between creating communications that are casual and spur of the moment and communications that are just plain bad. In the end it’s all down to relevance, having an appropriate story to tell and creating impact – and, of course, that’s where we can help.